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How to go to our dental clinic

From New York:  Take an airplane from John F. Kennedy International Airport or Newark / Liberty International Airport and come to Narita Airport or Kansai Airport. From the airport, take JR to JR Kasagi station and walk 4 minutes on foot.

From Kidu: Go on 163 National Highway to the east from Kidu, across the Kasagi Bridge. (About 20 minutes by car)

From Nara: Go on the road of the north east side of the Nara Prefectural Office to North, turn right at the intersection of Han'nyaji (Yagyu direction), turn left at the intersection of Nakanokawa, turn left at the intersection of Sugawa, directed to follow the road north. (About 25 minutes by car)

From Iga: Go on 163 National Highway to the west from Iga, across the Kasagi Bridge. (About 25 minutes by car)

JR line to Kasagi station: See JR line English page. (Click here forJR line English page) From the JR Kasagi station, walk facing Nara for 4 minutes.

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