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English is available in this dental clinic in the south of Kyoto.



Attention! This clinic produces a new tool for tooth extraction for safer and faster operation. The document has been published in English Journal.


  English services are available in our dental clinic. Dr. Michihiro Iwashiro had worked at Rocky Mountain Laboratories of the National Institute of Health, USA, and his wife Dr. Kiyo Iwashiro also had been there to study American dentistry at local dental clinics in Montana State, USA for 3 years. Dr. Michihiro Iwashiro works at Kyoto University Hospital on Friday for some special patients and studies at Kinki Univesity, Faculty of Medicine, Laboratory of Immunology on Tuesday.

History of our clinic.


 Let’s explain our Kasagi Oral and Dental Clinic. There is this clinic in pretty rural town, Kasagi, where is at south border of Kyoto Prefecture, between Kyoto prefecture and Nara prefecture.
This facility of the clinic with dental apparatus was built in 1993 by Kasagi local government for the citizens in no-dentist-area. The government spent ¥47,000,000($47,000) to establish the clinic. The fee came from central government for every local government as special tax, which was called “Furusato-Sousei”, meaning, “renewing town”, by Priminister, Noboru Takeshita. The first owner of the clinic was Dr. Hirohiko Matsui, who had run it for 10 years and the second owner, Dr. Iwashiro has run for 10 yeas. The clinic is not special dental clinic only for local people but also world-wide patients. Our covering field is not only for teeth and gum trouble but also every trouble in mouth, including trauma, tumor, infectious disease, deformity and tempolo-mandebular joint disorder.

Basic plinciple



You bite without problems, eat well and sleep well.

Sometimes you exercise moderately, you will not suffer from discharge.

Painless. Even if there is pain, it does not give you psychic distress.

You are aesthetically pleasing, mentally stable and can fulfill your role enough in social environments such as workplaces, schools and homes.

And you live fulfilling days with living worth.

I would like to be a dental clinic that can support the above.

Time Table of dentists.

Kasagi Oral and Dental Clinic

Date and Time

:Dr. Kiyo Iwashiro   :Dr. Michihiro Iwashiro  X:No dentist
Holliday: Tuesday, The first and third Saturday afternoon, the first Wednesday  

Please make sure treatment schedule by phone:0743-95-2397.

Notion about treatment

Treatment and Examination Procedures

 As for the first patients, we will clarify the treatment plan based on the interview. Please ask us anything you want.

Treatment Time and Cost

 Please first consult us for time and cost. Depending on the treatment content, insurance pay or self-pay (non health insurance treatment)

About medical insurance for Foreigners


 Japanese national insurance/social insurance is available, if you have. Ask other travel/private insurance companies, if you have something about them. Please see the following remarks for the dental therapy performed under the Japanese National Insurance and Social Insurance. Note that above mentioned Japanese insurances have a number of regulations as follows.

a. Materials that can be used are limited, for example, molar restoration (such as Crown) needs to be done with metal (silver Palladium Alloy). 

b. It is possible to perform highly advanced treatment for us, if you do not use Japanese National Insurance and Social Insurance. We could estimate how much is it, if you need. Other travel/private insurance companies might cover it.

Privacy Policy

 When we gather private information of patients, it is only for the use in the range of treatment, nursing care, and medical care of the patients. Should we have the necessity to use the patients’ private information for other purposes, we will inform the purposes to our patients in advance, and only use it upon getting their approval. Also, we strive to keep the private information of the patients as accurate and up-to-date as possible and to prevent its leakage, loss, destruction, manipulation, and improper access from the third parties.

Doctor's profiles

Michihiro Iwashiro, D.D.S, Ph.D


Graduated School of Dentistry, Nagasaki University

Worked at Suzuki Dental Clinic
Studied about Immunology at Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine

Worked at Kyoto University Hospital

Worked at Ijinnkai Takeda Hospital

Worked at Rocky Mountain Laboratories, National Institute of Health as visiting fellow

Worked at Tango Furusato Hospital 

Worked at Kasagi oral dental clinic as a chief director
Worked at Kyoto University Hospital once a week

Contract teacher at Nihon University Dental School at Matsudo

Contract teacher at Tohoku University

Contract teacher at Kinki University Medical School, Immunology


Member of Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Member of Japan Geriatric Society
Member of International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Director of Non-profit organization of Water Fluoridation Fund (NPO-WFF)

Dr. Kiyo Iwashiro


Graduated School of Dentistry, Shouwa University

Worked at Osaka dental college hospital

Worked at Periodontics P. Clinic as a dental assistance

Worked at D H M Center in Japan

Worked at Kasagi Oral and Dental Clinic as a medical staff


Worked at Kasagi Oral and Dental Clinic at Minamiyamashiromura as a chief

A certificated dentist of oral radiology

Japanese Society of Periodontology
Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology
Japanese Society fo Disphagia Rehabilitation
Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

How to go

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Address: 3 Furonohana, Kasagi, Souraku, Kyoto 619-1303, Japan
Phone & FAX: 0743-95-2397

''How to go to our dental clinic "

From New York:  Take an airplane from John F. Kennedy International Airport or Newark / Liberty International Airport and come to Narita Airport or Kansai Airport. From the airport, take JR to JR Kasagi station and walk 4 minutes on foot.

From Kidu: Go on 163 National Highway to the east from Kidu, across the Kasagi Bridge. (About 20 minutes by car)

From Nara: Go on the road of the north east side of the Nara Prefectural Office to North, turn right at the intersection of Han'nyaji (Yagyu direction), turn left at the intersection of Nakanokawa, turn left at the intersection of Sugawa, directed to follow the road north. (About 25 minutes by car)

From Iga: Go on 163 National Highway to the west from Iga, across the Kasagi Bridge. (About 25 minutes by car)

JR line to Kasagi station: See JR line English page. (Click here forJR line English page) From the JR Kasagi station, walk facing Nara for 4 minutes.

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